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About SeaDrone MG

The hybrid sealed frost-resistant complex based on the SeaDrone MG UAV is powered by a four-stroke gasoline engine, which provides up to 4 hours of continuous flight on AI-92/95 gasoline and up to 5 kilograms of payload. The unique body of the UAV is made according to the IP-67 standard, which allows it to be operated in adverse climatic conditions, at sea and on land, and a specially designed magnetometer makes it possible to operate in the Arctic.


Hybrid and Autonomy

The complex operates both from a battery and a four-stroke gasoline engine, which provides up to 4 hours of continuous flight. The engine runs on AI-92/95 gasoline

Frost resistance and stability

The gasoline engine of the UAV maintains the necessary temperature for operation in conditions up to -40 degrees, unlike analogs on the power supply. The power capacity of the complex is sufficient to deal with wind gusts up to 15-25 m/s.

Import substitution

The complex meets all requirements for import substitution , flighttracks are not transferred to other countries to unknown recipients.Your work with the complex "GeoDrone MG" is completelyconfidential.


The onboard payload of the UAV is located in a sealed case,made according to the IP-67 standard , which implies a short-term dive under water to a depth of one meter and work indifficult weather conditions, as well as in conditions of open sea andsalt fog.


A modern and improved magnetometer, GNSS system andinfrared automatic landing system allow the SeaDrone MGcomplex to take off, make long-distance flights and return exactlyto the ship 's deck while drifting and moving in fully automaticmode.


The UAV is capable of carrying up to 5 kg of various payloads, withthe ability to connect power directly from the generator.

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Conducting aerial surveillance in all climate zones

Solving geodesic and cartographic problems in the open sea and coastal areas

Scientific research, geological exploration in adverse and difficult conditions

Monitoring of emergencies, assistance in search and rescue of people

Autonomous patrolling and security in remote areas up to 30 km for border needs

Remote monitoring of coastal and marine areas

Tracking mammalian populations, searching for and identifying fish assemblages for the needs of fisheries

Ecological monitoring

Installation of beacons on the icebergs

Ice patrol

Monitoring of ice conditions in the Arctic

SeaDrone MG features

The system allows you to perform flights from base stations, in the field, from search vessels both during the ship's drift and in motion, maintaining the following modes:

Flight in automatic mode along the specified route, with the transmission of video information to the control station in real time.

Flight in manual control mode with automatic stabilization of the device.

Circling the required point with the camera fixed on the object and hovering over the object.

Adjustment of the flight task during the flight.

Switching to manual control and back, while maintaining the stabilization of the device in the air.

Automatic return to the control post, including taking into account its movement.

Follow to the landing point in automatic mode at the specified coordinates.

Emergency return of the device to the starting point (to the control station) when communication is lost.

When you purchase the complex you get free training with the issuance of a certificate

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Speed range of use, km / h 0-60
Flight range in a straight line Up to 150 km (in automatic mode)
Flight time: Electrical version 40 minutes
Hybrid version up to 3.5 hours
Range from the ship, km 30
Maximum take-off weight, kg 23
Payload weight, kg Up to 5
The size of the UAV (m) 1,72*1,72*0,43
Temperature conditions -25 +40С
Flotation Positive, floating
Leakproofness IP67
Wind resistance (m/s) 15-25

SeaDrone - MG












Hybrid UAV SeaDrone

Baterry + chargerry device

Landing beacon

Optical camera 10x zoom

Fuel filling system

Ground control station


Free warranty repairs

Post-warranty service

Training course for working with the complex

Installation and replacement of additional equipment

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All equipment is insured

Included in the register of innovative products

Checked in TSAGI

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Word of the head

Iracli Hazalia

About the Manager: Technology entrepreneur.

Head of the company "DRONE SOLUTIONS".

Ten years of experience in the development and use of UAVs.

Many completed projects.

We have developed an innovative product, unique in its characteristics, for use in a wide variety of areas, from search and rescue to ice wiring in the Arctic. The uniqueness of the development is its security, because aircraft are very vulnerable to salt fog, wind, and low temperatures. Our complex is able to replace a person in extreme conditions and save time and money. For those who read my message, from myself, I will give another three percent discount.

Answers on questions

What will be the post-sale support?
Within the framework of warranty obligations and post-warranty service, support is provided directly under a pre-drawn up contract.
Is it possible to rent a complex?
- Yes, this can be discussed within the framework of cooperation. Our technical Department will individually prepare the cost calculation for your technical specifications,as well as processing the footage by our specialists.
What most often breaks and fails?
All breakdowns are related exclusively to unprofessional use, and there are also a number of nodes that are classified as consumables that are subject to regular replacement.
Is it possible to make a purchase on credit or leasing?
- Yes, it may be discussed individually.
How is this complex transported?
All complexes are transported in protective cases, the material of execution is specified separately in the delivery contract.
Does the SeaDrone fly in fog and poor visibility?
Yes, it is specially designed for operations in adverse conditions for typical UAVs.
How does automatic landing work?
The UAV is programmed for a dynamic return point to the operator or landing mark. Next, the UAV searches for the tag using infrared "technical" vision.
Can a hybrid UAV take off from water?
Yes, when developing our goal was to protect the UAV from moisture and we managed to achieve the IP-67 standard, which allows you to land and take off from water.
What is the maximum load lifted by SeaDrone-MG?
Without prejudice to flight and time characteristics of the flight up to 5 kilograms inclusive.
How many types of payload can the complex carry?
It all depends on the weight and size of the load.
What happens if the UAV runs out of gas?
The UAV will go into operation mode from a buffer battery. This will allow you to fly for another 10-15 minutes and make a correct landing.
What is the difference between MG and ME?
MG-short abbreviation for hybrid UAV modification, ME – for electric.
Can we disassemble and repair the UAV ourselves after the purchase?
Our experts strongly recommend that you do this yourself. We conduct training courses for UAV operators, where we will train your employees to properly operate the UAV and conduct a full MAINTENANCE



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